Post-Bloomberg feature budget

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Here’s the feature budget for Wednesday, September 16, 2015, from The Washington Post News Service with Bloomberg News. Photos and other artwork, including new columnists’ portraits (see Mug Shots), are available, at no extra charge, at 杭州桑拿,wpbloom杭州桑拿会所,. * Follow us on Twitter @WPBloom *

The feature editors are John Price (Entertainment/Travel), Mary Liekweg (Design/Home/Health) and Paul Freedman (Food), at 202-334-7666.


NEWBORN _The incredible story of how a newborn’s cry may have helped save her mother’s life. 1,375 words, by Lindsey Bever (Post). Upcoming.

BORDERLINE — Researchers are trying to understand why some brains become haunted with borderline personality disorder, which affects millions of Americans but remains a mystery. 1,320 words, by Aleszu Bajak (Post special). One photo. Moved Tuesday.

SLEEPLAB — What one writer learned from a hard day’s night in a sleep lab. 1,605 words, by Barbara S. Moffett (Post special). WITH SLEEPLAB-CYCLES. Three photos. Moved Tuesday.

HEALTH-EXERCISE — Experts say the right breathing technique can strengthen bodies and settle minds .810 words, by Gabriella Boston (Post special). Upcoming.

HEALTH-INSURE — Medicare doesn’t cover concierge fees; if your doctor has that kind of practice, you’ll have to figure out if it’s worth the extra cost. 1,000 words, by Michelle Andrews (Post special). Moved Tuesday.

HEALTH-ASPIRIN — A panel of government-backed experts recommends adults ages 50-69 take aspirin to ward off heart attacks and cancer. 780 words, by Brady Dennis (Post). Moved Tuesday.

NUTRITION — As whole grains gain popularity, the list of options gets more daunting but here are five must-try grains you may not know about. 1,105 words, by Ellie Krieger (Post special). Upcoming.

FASTFOOD-ANTIBIOTICS — Researchers rate chain restaurants on antibiotic use; only two companies — Chipotle and Panera — got top marks. 620 words, by Ariana Eunjung Cha (Post). Moved Tuesday.

FDA — WASHINGTON — The Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday ordered tobacco giant R.J. Reynolds to pull several types of its cigarettes from the market, the latest example of the agency exercising powers it received under a 2009 tobacco control law. 630 words, by Brady Dennis (Post). Moved Tuesday.

SCIENCE-SCAN _Is kudzu not really the plant that ate the South? An Alabama naturalist challenges the view. 385 words, by Nancy Szokan (Post). Moved Tuesday.

Arts, Entertainment

GUITAR-CENTER — NEW YORK — What does Guitar Center sound like? Two musicians secretly recorded customers to find out. 1,465 words, by Andy Beta (Post special). One photo. Moved Tuesday.

KALING — As “The Mindy Project” returns, here are three tough lessons Mindy Kaling learned about making a TV show. 850 words, by Emily Yahr (Post). Moved Tuesday.

COLBERT — Stephen Colbert hasn’t hired many women writers. He’s not alone. 600 words, by Cecilia Kang (Post). Moved Tuesday.

UNCOMMON-SENSE _Who owns “Uncommon Sense”? Radio personality and MTV host Charlamagne Tha God is challenging ABC News. 460 words, by Soraya Nadia McDonald (Post). Moved Tuesday.

TV-NPH-COMMENT — If you sat through the first episode Tuesday night of NBC’s “Best Time Ever,” you may have some questions. Namely, “What … was that?” 690 words, by Emily Yahr (Post). One photo.

FILM-MOORE — TORONTO — Michael Moore’s “Where to Invade Next” is … lighthearted and optimistic? What? 530 words, by Anjuman Ali (Post).

FILM-EVEREST-ADV18 — “Everest” is rousing but unreachable. Friday advance. 715 words, by Michael O’Sullivan (Post). Upcoming, with one photo.

FILM-MAZERUNNER-ADV18 — Sequel to dystopian thriller “Maze Runner” is an obstacle course of borrowed plot devices. Friday advance. 385 words, by Michael O’Sullivan (Post). Upcoming, with one photo.

FILM-SLEEPING-ADV18 — Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie play a couple with commitment issues trying to be just friends in “Sleeping With Other People.” Friday advance. 480 words, by Stephanie Merry (Post). Upcoming, with one photo.

FILM-BLACKMASS-ADV18 — Johnny Depp delivers a strong performance as a weakly realized character in the Whitey Bulger bio pic “Black Mass.” Friday advance. 700 words, by Ann Hornaday (Post). One photo. Moved Tuesday.

FILM-TIME-ADV18 — Richard Gere stars as a homeless man in Oren Moverman’s observational drama “Time Out of Mind.” Friday advance. 480 words, by Stephanie Merry (Post). One photo.

FILM-PATELS-ADV18 — The funny, warm-hearted documentary “Meet the Patels” follows Ravi Patel’s search for love – under his parents’ supervision. Friday advance. 700 words, by Jen Chaney (Post special). One photo. Moved Tuesday.

FILM-BRILLIANT-ADV18 — “A Brilliant Mind,” a fact-based drama about an adolescent math prodigy, is amiable but far-fetched. Friday advance. 300 words, by Mark Jenkins (Post special). One photo. Moved Tuesday.

FILM-GIRLFRIEND-ADV18 — With “The New Girlfriend,” French director Francois Ozon once again proves himself to be a sharp student of human nature. Friday advance. 410 words, by Alan Zilberman (Post special). One photo. Moved Tuesday.

BOOKS-BEATON — Kate Beaton brilliantly breathes the stuff of life into history’s characters with her artfully smart new book, “Step Aside Pops.” 650 words, by Michael Cavna (Post). One photo.


GRAPEFRUIT – Why Americans are falling out of love with one of their favorite fruits. 1,600 words, by Roberto A. Ferdman (Post).

FOOD-FETA — Make your own feta, and you may never go back to the store-bought stuff. 1475 words, by Cathy Barrow (Post special). With FOOD-FETA-RECIPES. One photo. Moved Tuesday.

FOOD-PLUMCAKE — The spice is right – and unexpected – for this plum cake. 1,130 words, by Dorie Greenspan (Post special). One photo. Moved Tuesday.


FOREST-BATHING — Tech workers are turning to the Japanese practice of “forest bathing” to unplug. 1,530 words, by Brigid Schulte (Post). With FOREST-BATHING-REPORTER. Three photos.

FASHION-DESIGNERS — NEW YORK — Fashion has long been criticized for catering to the male gaze. That’s changing. And it’s male designers who are leading the way. 1,200 words, by Robin Givhan (Post).

SHAMING — Sexism-shaming is trendy lately. But it might do more harm than good. 1,115 words, by Caitlin Dewey (Post).

POPE-CONGRESS — Congress gets suggestions on how to behave when Pope Francis visits. 420 words, by Al Kamen (Post).

SUGAR-SCULPTURE — TOKYO — The sweet aroma of sugar permeates the Asakusa Amezaiku Ameshin candy craft studio, where candy creations of lions, rabbits and frogs are on display. 355 words, by Keita Iijima (Japan News). Five photos.

BAGGAGECHECK — What to do about a wife who antagonizes people on Facebook. 500 words, by Andrea Bonior (Post special).

CIVILITIES — Far from restricting debate, the language of political correctness has returned a new dignity to formerly marginalized groups. 960 words, by Steven Petrow (Post special).

Workplace Advice (both moved on Financial wire):

WATERCOOLER — Navigating the modern workplace: How to handle a boss who expects you to be there for your early shift, and his late one. 575 words, by Karla L. Miller (Post special).

CAREER-COACH — The perils of being late and what you can do about those laggards. 920 words, by Joyce E.A. Russell (Post special).

KidsPost (targeted to elementary to middle-school kids)

KIDSPOST-POPE – The pope wants us all – even kids – to care for one another and the Earth, Washington’s archbishop says. 765 words, by Marylou Tousignant (Post special).